What Would I Do With a Portable Building?

May 2nd, 2016by Korey McMahon

As many of you may be aware, portable buildings have the ability to serve a world of possibilities. In need of a home office? Check. Maybe you could use a little extra space for the kiddos to play? Done. We could go on for hours on what our customers typically use our buildings for, but we thought we'd shed a little light on the outliers.


Play Fort

Are the kids getting tangled up underneath your feet? Give them some room to play with our classic building design.

Political Campaign Office

Whether you're campaigning for local or national parties, a portable building gives you the extra space you need for materials and meetings. If you really want to step up your game, we have an electrical package that serves as a perfect addition!

Adult "Doghouse"

Wife not too happy? Grab a pillow and make sure you have a place to stay in one of our open porch buildings!

Homeschool Building

Did you choose the homeschool route? Create a second space that will give them the extra peace and quiet they'll need for studying.

Game Room

Tired of dealing with noisy teenagers? Tell them to take it outside in one of our portable buildings. Our electrical package is perfect for a TV and/or gaming console!

Tiny Home

As we mentioned in a previous blog, if you’re looking to hop on this housing bandwagon, we have just the portable buildings to get you started.

Arts and Crafts Building

Is your lady a Pinterest addict? Those mason jars and burlap rolls can really start taking up space. Surprise her with her very own building so you can have your man cave back.

Pool Shed

Need a place to store all those noodles, floaties and toys? Forget a cluttered backyard and opt for a summer pool shed!

In-Law Retreat

Family members often pop in whenever you least expect it. Give them a place to stay with an open porch building and customize with our insulation and electrical packages!

Man Cave

Need a secret hiding spot to watch the game? Pair one of our portable buildings with an electrical package so you can catch up on your bro time.


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Tiny House, Big Possibilities.

April 4th, 2016by Korey McMahon


Many of you may have taken notice of the tiny house movement. People are joining in for a variety of reasons including environmental and financial concerns along with the opportunity for more freedom. This is where you're probably shaking your head thinking, "I don't know how someone could live in something like that." We're here to tell you that it's actually not far-fetched as it may sound. Turns out, there's a number of benefits to living humbly and below, we'll dig into all the details.

What constitutes a tiny house?

A typical American home is around 2,600 square feet. A tiny home is somewhere between 100 and 400 square feet. These homes come in all shapes and sizes, are geared towards one thing: simplistic living. Think smaller space, higher efficiency.

Why the downsize?

With the economic shakeup of 2007, this movement attracted owners from all walks of life. While only 1% of buyers acquire these buildings for dwelling, many are using them as on-property housing for relatives, as a guest house, or even as a home office. For most Americans, 1/3 to 1/2 of their income is dedicated to their housing. Looking down the road, they'll spend 15 years of working just to pay for it which 76% of Americans are already living paycheck to paycheck.

What are the perks to modest living?

Not only are tiny homes less expensive upfront, but think about terms of taxing and bills. You'll save hundreds to thousands on heating, maintenance, and repair costs. They also encourage a less cluttered lifestyle, which in turn minimizes one’s ecological footprint. Another great part about tiny homes is that they emphasize design over size. Many of these properties encourage dual purpose features and furniture, incorporating space-saving appliances. Also, it challenges owners to think vertical when it comes to storage.

Where do I find a tiny house?

Though we may not sale a completed tiny home that's move-in ready, we do offer a variety of building styles from which you can choose as your starting basis. We have the ability to truly customize your building with free paint and metal roof upgrades along with insulation and electric options. After all, just because you're living small doesn't mean you have to rough it. To begin creating your dream tiny home, check out our product catalog here. For more details, give us a call at 888-226-8075.

Rolling in the Dough

February 10th, 2016by Korey McMahon

The time has almost come for you to receive your tax return! We can already hear the whoops and hollers of you and your family as you open up that glorious letter. Of course, money cannot buy you happiness, but it can buy you the best-looking portable building this side of the Mississippi. One of the best ways to upgrade your home, and do some de-cluttering in your garage or home is to put in a portable building on your property.

We have a variety of designs to choose from when you're ready to take your tax return out on the town. Our Classic design is perfect for storing lawn equipment while our Garage style building works well with larger pieces of machinery like cars or ride-on lawnmowers. If you're in need of a more sophisticated style building, we can take care of you in that respect as well. Our Office-style and Open Porch Office buildings will solve any aesthetic issues.

You may be thinking to invest your tax return in something that is sure to last. Our buildings have a ten-year warranty and are only made with state-of-the-art materials to ensure the durability and longevity of each product. You also have the option to customize the dimensions of the building to your exact specifications, so that you can take home the portable building of your dreams.

If you feel your tax return doesn't quite hit the mark with your intended budget for a portable building, then never fear. You can choose to pay the entire cost upfront, or we also offer a 3 to 4-month payment plan. Once that tax return arrives in your account, be sure to give Quality Buildings a call and we will help get you set up with a perfect storage solution.

January is a Time for Upgrades!

January 6th, 2016by Korey McMahon

Want to know something really neat? We're offering a free upgrade for a metal roof (in all available colors) on all new buildings during the month of January. So, why is this a big deal? Excellent question.

There are multiple benefits to a metal roof, the first being its incredible longevity. Metal roofs have a performance expectancy of over 50 years, keeping your building safe for years to come. As well, we're offering this deal for all our available roofing colors. You will be able to choose the color that matches both your own personality and the environment of your new building.

Have we mentioned the fact that it's fire resistant? Safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we love metal roofs. The non-flammable quality adds an element of safety in the event of an accident with your new building.

In the Midwest, we all know that the wind can truly be a beast. Luckily, metal roofs are ready to take on the challenge that this region’s weather presents. The panels of metal roofs interlock with each other, making them resistant to the wind. With this wise investment, you won't see any portions of your roof flying off into the air when a strong gust picks up.

Lastly, one of the best parts about metal roofing is the easy installation process. Usually, when you think of installing a roof on a home or commercial building, it may seem like a lengthy and tedious task. Yet, with metal roofs, this is not the case. Your new Quality building can be completed in no time with this amazing style of roof. Call today and take advantage of our awesome offer for a free metal roof on all new buildings throughout January!

Why rent a storage space when you can own a storage building?

December 18th, 2015by Korey McMahon

When you think of portable buildings, what initially comes to mind? Take a moment and close your eyes. What do you see? Sure a roof, some walls, a door, anything beyond that? Regardless whether you answered yes or no, there are some hidden advantages that lie beyond physicality. Portable buildings are quickly becoming a popular option within a variety of industries.

You have the option to cater your portable building to your personal preferences or needs of your project. We offer several different styles, sizes and options to choose from and our buildings are delivered for just one payment and $75 processing fee. The best part? There are no credit checks and our customers are guaranteed approval.

As we mentioned above, portable buildings can be customized. From materials to design, it can be engineered to withstand heavy loads and inclement weather. Our customers receive a 10-year warranty on new buildings, along with a manufacturer's warranty accompanying products such as treated skids and joists, metal roofing, and smart siding.

Portable buildings are perfect solutions whether you’re using it for storage, a home office, or a workshop you won't have to worry about finding substitute arrangements. You can keep your belongings on premises and have full access to them at your convenience.

Curious how a portable building can help with your particular project? Give us a call at 888-430-7721, we would love to share more!

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May 5th, 2015by Korey McMahon

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