Pergola Outdoor Kitchen? I Think So.

August 3rd, 2017by BreannaC

One of the best things about Summer is the fun times and memories.

What better way to spend it, than to enjoy a lovely evening surrounded with friends, family, and food underneath a Quality Pergola.  Whether it’s entertaining, relaxing, or hosting a special event, you are sure to enjoy your new pergola all summer long.  A great addition to your pergola would be an add on kitchen area.  Add a little counter space and a grill and you’re on your way to funville!  It’s really that simple.


One of the most popular  things to do when together with friends is: cooking. There is something about sharing a meal with friends outside that makes food taste yummier.      

  What could be more delicious than a yummy recipe to go with that new outdoor pergola. Below is a fabulous recipe that is sure to wow guests. Give it a try!



BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers


2 lbs 90% lean ground beef

10 slices of bacon

3 T. barbecue sauce

1 T. Liquid Smoke

1 tsp. seasoned salt

1 C. shredded Cheddar cheese


Mix ground beef, barbecue sauce, Liquid Smoke, and seasoned salt together in a large bowl. Add crumbled bacon and Cheddar cheese. Mix well and shape into patties. Grill over med/high heat until done to your liking. Serve on hamburger buns along with additional barbecue sauce. Garnish with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, or veggies of your choice.









Do You Want to Host a Fantastic Outdoor Party?

May 17th, 2017by BreannaC

It's warming up around here and I bet you can't wait to host a outdoor party  at your house but just need a few finishing touches. The easiest and quickest way to bring a huge wow factor to your party is the addition of a pavilion or pergola to your back yard. Just string a few lights up and some tiki torches and you've almost gotten yourself a party!



Here are some ways that you can set up for an epic party.

1.  Play some snappy tunes to get everyone relaxed and enjoying the party. Whether you are a classic rock kind of person or enjoy todays greatest hits you cannot go wrong with a music playlist! It sets the mood and helps drown out Uncle Hershel’s ramblings.

2. Ok. So you want to have a party? Spice it up! Take it to the next level with a theme. There are so many things you can do with this. 70’s theme, Dress as your favorite character, all white party. The list could go on and on. Dressing up definitely adds to the party’s fun atmosphere!

3. Like I mentioned before, decorating is a cinch. Throw some stringed lights up, set out plenty of chairs, and don’t forget to provide bug spray for your guests!

4. Create a place for the kids to play. Whether a sand box, a small swimming pool, or sidewalk chalk, it is always a great idea to keep those kids busy.

5. I bet you can't wait to sink your teeth into a juicy burger. Make sure to have plenty of burgers, hot links, and potato salad to go around. Go ahead and check your propane before the party starts. Nothing ruins a party faster than your propane going out before the burgers are done cooking.

Happy Outdoor Parties!

How To Prepare For Inclement Weather

April 25th, 2017by BreannaC

One of the best ways that you can prepare for a storm is to have adequate protection. Find a company you  trust that has many years of experience in this field.  These experienced companies will be able to guide you to what suits your needs.  There are many options out there and shelters to consider include:  slope front shelters, below ground flat top (pictured below) safe rooms, and  underground garage floor shelters. Choose what works best for you and fits your families needs. 



Another easy way that you can prepare for storm season would be to clean out your shelter. It is also important to  have a place to sit in your storm shelter. A small bench would work just fine. You can to utilize the storage space under the bench to store bottled water , battery powered lights, and a weather radio.  It’s a smart plan to keep a storm bag packed with essentials like travel sized toothpaste, a toothbrush, protein bars, and a change of clothing.





It is always best to err on the side of caution whenever a  severe storm is approaching. Don’t wait until there is a tornado  within sight to head to your storm shelter. When you know there is a chance of bad weather, keep an eye on the news  Please allow yourself plenty of time for you and your loved ones to make it to a safe place.  One last thing to remember is to register your shelter with the local authorities. When you register your shelter, your name and address will be placed on a list. I hope this is never the case, but if your are ever trapped in your storm shelter, this will help the rescue teams to locate  you. Wishing safety for you this storm season!


10 Unique Uses for a Portable Building

January 12th, 2017by Korey McMahon

10 unique uses for a portable outdoor building

Have you taken a stroll around your neighborhood? During your drive, you may have noticed a house or two with a large shed in the backyard. But, guess what. It probably wasn't a shed.

In fact, it could've been a workshop - a studio, maybe even a tiny home. In this day and age, outdoor portable buildings can serve a variety of needs. Whether it's storing away tools for the winter or using the extra space for homeschooling, the only limitation is your imagination.

So, what all can a portable building be used for? Our team here at Quality Buildings has listed a few of many ways you can get the most out of your space.


1. Art Studio

If you're a painter, sculptor, designer or crafter, a studio is exactly what you need. You can absorb some inspiration as you work in a space that's all your own.

2. Garage

Need a home for your motorcycle or Vespa? A portable building is a great way to keep your vehicles out of the elements while saving square footage in the actual garage.

3. Tiny Home

Looking to downsize? A tiny home is definitely the way to do it. And with insulation, electricity and roof options, it's easy to personalize it to your specific needs.

4. Laundry Room

We don't know about you, but sometimes the laundry can really heat up the home. If you're looking to distribute some of the warmth or for a place to hang-dry clothes, an outdoor laundry space could be the perfect solution.

5. Repair Shop

Do you like to work on your bike? A portable building can quickly transform into your own personal repair shop. You can also use it to repair and stow away items like lawn mowers, weed eaters, and other lawn care equipment.

6. Homeschooling

If you homeschool, it can be difficult getting your kids to focus. A portable building is great to use as extra space. Plus, you can proudly display any art or homework without the worry of taking it down the next day.

7. Music Studio

Are you a breakout musician? Or, have a garage band you simply like kicking it with? Free up some space in the house and take it outside in a portable building. Bonus points if you install insulation to help soundproof. Your neighbors will thank you.

8. Workshop

Do have a Ron Swanson of your own? Gift them the dream woodworking and they'll be able to enjoy steak and the smell of lumber in peace.

9. Home Gym

Do you have a health-based resolution this year? Transform a portable building into a yoga studio or personal gym. It's a great way get fit and ditch the gym.

10. Playhouse

Do your kids have an imagination all their own? Give them a space to play and learn. A portable building is a perfect outdoor playhouse or fort.


If you own a portable building, what do YOU use it for? Share your comments and stories with us below.

If you don't own a portable building but have been considering one, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help you find one that suits your specific needs.


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Your Spring Backyard Makeover- Pergolas

November 17th, 2016by Korey McMahon


Though the cooler temperatures are here to stay, it's never too early to start planning your spring backyard makeover. Pergolas are a simple backyard addition that’s filled with so much potential. Here are a few ways that you can dress up your pergola to transform your backyard.

  • To give your pergola a more intimate and private feel, plant Wisteria or another leafy vine to create a natural covering. This canopy will offer a shady spot in your backyard, but will also be a beautiful focal point of your landscape.
  • If you’re looking to utilize your pergola as an outdoor dining area, simply move your outdoor table and chairs off of your patio and under the pergola. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can move your grill underneath the pergola as well to create an outdoor kitchen feel. 
  • Wrapping twinkle lights around the beams of your pergola can create a dreamy atmosphere. Snag some Christmas lights while they're on sale and dress your pergola up.
  • Create a cozy living area by adding a fire pit and outdoor chairs. The pergola will soon feel like a second living room.
  • Are you a reader or a nature-inspired worker? Design an outdoor reading nook or work space by adding a couple of comfortable chairs and tables. Enjoy the fresh air and the serenity of your yard while doing what you love!
  • One way to make your above-ground hot tub look nicer is to install a pergola over it. By adding the pergola over the tub, you are creating a cozy, comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

Decorating a pergola can look different for each person because they are versatile pieces. They can become formal living or dining spaces or they can serve as a second gardening space. How will you use your pergola this spring? We would love to hear your ideas!

Portable Storage vs. Self Storage

November 7th, 2016by Korey McMahon


Portable Storage











Using a storage unit can help tremendously whether you're downsizing your home or just trying to declutter - helping you keep all of the "stuff" that you want to keep, but might not need on a regular basis. There are two options that home and business owners should consider when looking for additional space - a self-storage unit and a portable storage unit.

Portable Storage Unit

The first option for extra storage is to purchase a portable storage unit. Units are delivered to the customer's property and typically the customer packs their belongings at their convenience. While monthly payment plans are available, portable storage units are usually paid for in one sitting, rather than being leased.

An advantage to purchasing a portable unit, like one from Quality Buildings, is that the unit is on your property and provides easy access to your belongings, regardless of the time or occasion. By keeping your unit on your property, you can ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Whereas you might be unsure if you opt for leasing space at a facility. Purchasing a unit allows you to not be pressured to retrieve your belongings by a certain date or risk paying more.

Portable storage units have more uses than just holding your stuff. Check out other ways to use a portable storage unit here: 5 Tips for Portable Storage Building Organization.

Self-Storage Unit

Another option would be to lease a self-storage unit from a storage facility for as long as you needed it. Customers that lease a unit typically pay by the month and physically transport their belongings to the storage units, or hire someone to move their belongings for them.

Something to consider when researching unit facilities is making sure to take note of operation hours. Some properties have 24/7 access with the appropriate key, but some have limited hours. If you will need to access your belongings frequently, this can play a major role in determining whether you choose a portable unit or a self-storage facility.

Self-storage is ideal for customers that need a place to store extra belongings that they do not plan to access frequently, or will not need for an extended period of time.

Which storage unit best fits your needs? If you are looking for a portable storage unit, give us a call today and we will help you look for the one that is perfect for your property.

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Quality Buildings Cares – UWDOC 2016!

October 14th, 2016by Korey McMahon

Last month, our team joined hundreds of volunteers and spent a Friday out of the office and participating in the United Way's Day of Caring. We volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and helped build a new house for a deserving family here in the area. Our team loved this event because it gave us an opportunity to give back to our community while having a blast with our team. We support the United Way of Norman and their vision to unite and strengthen our community.

img_6400 img_6394

5 Tips for Portable Storage Building Organization

September 27th, 2016by Korey McMahon


Need some ideas for storing away your belongings this winter? Here are some tips from Quality Buildings Oklahoma.

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn maintenance supplies such as lawn mowers, fertilizer or soil, gardening tools, or extra flower pots can be an eyesore if left out in the yard but take up significant space if stored in the garage. By having a portable storage unit in your backyard, these supplies can have a permanent home where they’re kept out of sight, but still easily accessible.

Pool Accessories
The only thing worse than putting away your favorite pool toys (and accepting the fact that summer is over) is accidentally leaving them to be weathered in the elements. By keeping your favorite pool toys in a portable storage building in your backyard, you and your family have easy access to the toys at any time during the year while your backyard and pool stay clean and organized.

Holiday Decoration Storage
For the extravagant holiday decorators, finding a clean, dry, convenient place to store your decorations can be more difficult than actually decorating your home. Cross that worry off of your list this year and organize your decorations in a portable storage building right on your property. This allows you to keep your decorations close for quick access so you can monitor them.

Extra Work Space
This is ideal for the ultimate crafter or small business owner. Sometimes the spare bedroom you’re using as a makeshift workspace doesn’t always work. There’s no place to put anything, there are kids rummaging through your things while the family dog has decided you don’t need peace in order to work. We recommend taking your workspace outdoors, into a portable storage unit. You’ll have plenty of room for storing your supplies along with an escape for five minutes of peace.

New Home
Have you recently downsized your house? Are you in the process of moving? Unpacked boxes can quickly get in the way of your home’s new flow, so store those huge boxes out in a portable storage unit. This will help you move through the unpacking process a bit more smoothly and the boxes will be safe until you have a chance to get to them.

10 Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome

September 6th, 2016by Korey McMahon


As the cooler weather rolls in, we know you will be spending more time outside. Check out these 10 ways to make your backyard awesome this fall.

Clean up the Yard

Fall is a great time for yard work because the temperatures are finally starting to drop! Spend the weekend cleaning up your yard before winter hits. Rake the leaves to make the yard appear a little less cluttered. For easy transportation, rake the leaves onto a plastic tarp. Fertilize the grass so that the roots will continue to receive the nutrients that they need to stay healthy and grow over the winter. Trimming back dead limbs now will prevent unexpected breakage during the first winter freeze or snow of the year. Make sure to bring houseplants inside, too. Place them by a window so that they continue to receive sunlight and spray them with water to keep the soil moist.

Colorful Pots and Planters

Add some color and design to your green landscape by using colorful planters and pots for your plants. These pots are a great way to continue the color scheme or decorations that you have in your sitting or dining area of your backyard as well, making your backyard a complete masterpiece.

Yard Games

Oversized yard games are the coolest toy on the shelves right now. Life size Jenga, foot-long dominos and rope and wood tic-tac-toe are just a few of the game-night activities that have been enlarged to be the centerpiece of your tailgates and weekend barbecues. You can also find simple DIY tutorials to make your favorite game at home. All of the kids in your neighborhood will be wishing that they had your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture

Weekend game nights are now at your house because you have the coolest DIY yard games your friends have seen, but where are your guests going to sit during your gathering? Make your backyard a luxurious hangout area with outdoor furniture including sofas or chairs, or a traditional dining area with a table and chairs.

Fire Pit

Fall means cooler weather and cooler weather means it's time to be warmed up by the fire. Fire pits are an easy way to make your backyard look elegant and are relatively low maintenance. Place some chairs around your fire pit for late night conversations with friends or for roasting s'mores with the kids. You don't have to build a fire from scratch to have the campfire feeling anymore!


Portable Storage

Hide all of the kids' pool toys and the summer mosquito lamps in portable outdoor buildings. Storage containers are also perfect for hiding all of the little things that you need to have on hand but tend to be eyesores when you have company over.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor string lights are an inexpensive and practical way to simply dress up your backyard or to make your backyard ready for late nights by the fire. Outdoor string lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can find one that fits your backyard's personality. They make for magical nights!

Outdoor Rugs

Sometimes your yard may need an extra splash of color and that's where outdoor rugs come in. Find a rug for your patio that matches your outdoor furniture and watch the space come to life. Adding a rug to your outdoor kitchen area or outdoor living space will tie it all together.

Hammocks and Swings

Lazy Saturday mornings call for your favorite coffee, a good book and fresh air. Hang a hammock in between two of your trees to make a space for your afternoon naps or add a porch swing to your back patio to relax on and enjoy a glass of wine while you unwind from a busy week. It will also add some dimension to your landscape.

Gazebos and Pergolas

Expand your home's living space by adding a gazebo or pergola to your backyard. These freestanding structures add a sense of community to the otherwise bare space in your yard and add an attractive focal point to your landscape. These structures can house a dining or living area, regardless of the weather.

Storage Unit vs. Portable Building

July 5th, 2016by Korey McMahon


Moving into a new home, remodeling, household repairs, we've all been there. It can be particularly stressful when these occurrences minimize the already shrinking space you're working with. It's expensive to add space to a home, not to mention you run the risk of it appearing blatantly mix-matched. Between the hammering of the tools and the chaotic mess that's left behind, why do it?

Something that people most often forget is that they have other options. Options like a portable building. Not only is it a cost-effective alternative, but it can be easily modified with shelving, insulation, electricity, and more. One of the greatest benefits is that it's onsite and that it's convenient. When you need to snatch something from storage, it's right there. No more driving back and forth between your home and the storage facilities that close at 9 p.m. or earlier. You'll also rest soundly at night, not worrying about the safety of your belongings.

Portable buildings are also, well... mobile. If you're making the transition to a new place, you have the option to transport your belongings with ease. Moving is already stressful, if there's any way we can mitigate the burden, you'd better believe we're happy to do so. Another perk of owning your own storage building is that it can serve a variety of purposes. It can be used as a garage, storage shed, warehouse, or even a studio. If you're requiring space for something else like a greenhouse or home office, we have those too.

We take great pride in what we do, and in the products we offer. In a world where adaptability is key, we believe the same should apply to our portable buildings. If you need any help choosing a design or would like to learn about our add-ons, give us a call. Quality Buildings Inc. is here to answer any questions you may have and to set you up with extra space when you need it most.

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