May 2016

What Would I Do With a Portable Building?

May 2nd, 2016by BreannaC

As many of you may be aware, portable buildings have the ability to serve a world of possibilities. In need of a home office? Check. Maybe you could use a little extra space for the kiddos to play? Done. We could go on for hours on what our customers typically use our buildings for, but we thought we’d shed a little light on the outliers.


Play Fort

Are the kids getting tangled up underneath your feet? Give them some room to play with our classic building design.

Political Campaign Office

Whether you’re campaigning for local or national parties, a portable building gives you the extra space you need for materials and meetings. If you really want to step up your game, we have an electrical package that serves as a perfect addition!

Adult “Doghouse”

Wife not too happy? Grab a pillow and make sure you have a place to stay in one of our open porch buildings!

Homeschool Building

Did you choose the homeschool route? Create a second space that will give them the extra peace and quiet they’ll need for studying.

Game Room 

Tired of dealing with noisy teenagers? Tell them to take it outside in one of our portable buildings. Our electrical package is perfect for a TV and/or gaming console!

Tiny Home

As we mentioned in a previous blog, if you’re looking to hop on this housing bandwagon, we have just the portable buildings to get you started.

Arts and Crafts Building

Is your lady a Pinterest addict? Those mason jars and burlap rolls can really start taking up space. Surprise her with her very own building so you can have your man cave back.

Pool Shed

Need a place to store all those noodles, floaties and toys? Forget a cluttered backyard and opt for a summer pool shed!

In-Law Retreat

Family members often pop in whenever you least expect it. Give them a place to stay with an open porch building and customize with our insulation and electrical packages!

Man Cave

Need a secret hiding spot to watch the game? Pair one of our portable buildings with an electrical package so you can catch up on your bro time.


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